My Philosophy

Effective therapy flourishes from the fusion of real connection and true understanding.

My foundation is based off the three cornerstones of Client-Centered Therapy:


I believe that being authentic with people gives them a trusting space to be themselves. I'll be myself so you can be yourself.

Unconditional Positive Regard

Choices you've made or thoughts you have don't impact my care and belief in you and your abilities. I run a judgment-free zone.


Everyone needs someone who really "gets" them and isn't afraid to feel right along with you. I work hard to make sure I understand your world and that you know I do as well.

What I Believe

You’re doing your best.

It's only human to feel like we aren't doing "enough".
Giving yourself credit for all that you do is much more motivating than discrediting what you get through.

Every emotion is valid.

It's normal to compare emotions based on the situations we go through, though it usually serves to minimize how we really feel. When emotions are acknowledged and witnessed, they can then be processed, relieving us from the grip they often have on our lives.

All coping is adaptive.

You've found ways to deal with difficult situations, no matter if they are deemed healthy or unhealthy. Moving toward pleasure when dealing with life struggles is a natural human behavior, and keeps us feeling stable and balanced in the short-term.

You’re the expert on you.

You know best what works for your life and what doesn't. We'll prioritize your insight for determining what feels most helpful.

Self-love > self-esteem

Self-esteem is conditional, meaning we only see ourselves in a positive light when we perform well or meet our own expectations. Conversely, self-love doesn't have any prerequisites and can get us through the toughest of times.

You’re capable of change.

While it's true change is rough and can be frightening, there's no doubt you've made it through any change you've had in your life up until now. Inviting change into your life is one of the many sure ways to heighten your chances for real inner growth.

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