How I Help

Therapy is never one-size-fits-all.

That's why I treat every client uniquely. I make sure to meet you where you are at, personalize techniques to fit your circumstances, and collaboratively create goals most relevant to what you desire.

In-Office Therapy

My office is located in a safe, confidential space that is organized based on the science of calm to help ease those therapy jitters. The office setting might be a good fit if you:

  • Prefer in person for any reason and are in close proximity to the office location
  • Don't have access to or don't feel confident using technology
  • Feel less isolated and more safe when with other people
  • Learn best in environments that aren't your own
  • Have distractions at home that would interfere with virtual sessions

With in-office sessions, you can have a true face-to-face experience that, for some, is conducive to a stronger sense of connection and safety while working through the tough stuff.

Walk + Talk Therapy

Sometimes the (virtual) office setting feels unnatural or intimidating. Through walk + talk therapy, you can discover a (literally) more grounded way to healing while walking along the river, near a lake, in a park, or down a neighborhood sidewalk.

  • Boosts production of mood-improving hormones
  • Aids in thought organization and moving past ``stuck points``
  • Built-in movement naturally reduces symptoms of anxiety & improves sleep
  • Can be modified to fit whatever pace you need
  • More opportunities for the practice of mindfulness in the outdoor world

You can pick a place that is most comfortable for you and your confidentiality will always be our top priority. We'll plan ahead of time about how to deal with the scenario of running into familiar people, and you'll have the freedom to switch between outdoor and in-office sessions whenever you'd like.

Virtual Sessions

Online sessions give you the freedom to meet right from your space. No public waiting rooms, no fighting with weather-related conditions or transportation issues, and still shown to be just as effective as in-person services. You may benefit most from virtual therapy if you:

  • Are worried about, vulnerable to, or know someone who is vulnerable to contracting COVID-19
  • Are struggling with fears of leaving home
  • Feel overwhelmed with in-person social contact
  • Reside too far from Rice Lake location or travel would be unsafe
  • Have limited capabilities due to a physical or medical condition
  • Virtual counseling has worked for you in the past

With virtual counseling, it's less likely that you'll cancel sessions, making therapy a more consistent and effective experience.

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